Bellhops started with two recently-graduated college students who were fed up with the complexities of moving multiple times in their early adult years. They employed a contractor worker model (many of the “bellhops” being college students themselves) and focus on small-scale moving, unlike traditional larger operations companies. By doing so, they were able to offer a far lower price than a traditional moving company.

The Chattanooga-based startup already saw a major market in its southeast neighbor of Atlanta, so when it came time to hire a CEO to scale operations, they looked to a leader in that market that already had experience in disrupting the transportation industry — Luke Marklin. Marklin moved into the position following a stint as an Atlanta-based General Manager for Uber. The move makes sense — like the ride-sharing service, Bellhops brings the ease of on-demand, tech-enabled access to an industry that is largely stuck in the past.

Since bringing on Marklin, the company has expanded to about 20 cities across the southeast and midwest — Atlanta is still their biggest market. They’ve also added an option to hire not just bellhops to get you moved, but also rent a truck. Their scheduling tool allows you to book in real-time at your preferred time and date — no hassle of coordinating over the phone or waiting around during an 8-hour pickup window.
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