Silicon Valley and its New York counterpart Silicon Alley have long reigned as the main coastal hubs for tech innovation.

Founders, venture capitalists, and tech employees flock to the Bay Area and New York City to launch and build startups, fund new ideas, and simply just live among their tech-obsessed brethren.

But there’s a new wave of companies eschewing the Valley/Alley life in favor of building their startups in their hometowns or in less tech-focused metros. Now, places like Utah, Seattle, Boston, and Colorado are becoming hubs for enterprise and consumer startups.

We’ve compiled a list of exciting startups outside of New York and San Francisco by talking to investors, fellow journalists, and active members of the tech scene. Unless otherwise noted, all funding information comes from venture capital database PitchBook.

Below are some of the most exciting startups from cities across the US.

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